[Update] Connection Issues

Dear Shared Hosting and Email Customer’s,

Following the interruptions we have encountered today, it’s believe we have determined the root cause. As an effort to prevent this issue from arising again, we have an adjustment to make within the network. We have scheduled a time to complete the network update that we believe would provide the least impact to your online presence. Though, any impact regardless of the day or time is not ideal.

All Shared Hosting and Email Customers will be offline at 9:00pm EST today.

We expect a full recovery of service up to an hour pending no unexpected issues occur. When it comes back online, all emails sent or received will be queued for delivery.

We would like to pass on our utmost sincere apologies that you have experienced this interruption. Upon request, we will provide a post-mortem report to give you more insight of the improvements to come following this incident.  Please reach our Customer Relations Team for this information; welcome@myhosting.com.

– Your Customer Relations Department