cPanel Security Update Issued

Dear Linux CentOS VPS Customers with cPanel,

We have been advised that there is an update available for Exim bug CVE-2014-2972.  The vulnerability allowed that a local user on a server running Exim could possibly exploit it to gain root or full administrative access.  Full details are here.

Those of you with auto-update should have already been updated automatically to exim-4.82-4.cp1136.x86_64.  You can check this by running the following command:

# rpm -qa | grep exim

You may update your installation from within cPanel itself by following these steps available on the cPanel site:

cPanel changelog is available via:

Please let us know if you need anything further assistance by contacting us via 1-866-289-5091, Live Chat, or email to

All the best,

-Your Customer Support Team