Upcoming pricing changes to your Shared Hosting subscriptions

Dear Shared Hosting Customers,

Please be advised that after August 31st,  2016 there will be a 25% price increase on our regular retail price that affects all new and existing Shared Hosting subscriptions with myhosting.com (this change does not apply to Exchange and SharePoint services). We will also be sending an email about this to your admin email address on the account.

Changes to existing plans will NOT take effect until the next renewal date. For example, if you had a service that is pre-paid for 1 year year until January 31st 2017, then the pricing changes would take affect starting February 1st 2017.

To check your renewal dates for your Classic subscription(s):

  1. Log into the Classic Control Panel with your credentials
  2. Click My Account
  3. Click Billing Terms

Modifications can be made to your account via this link.

OnCloud customers, to check your next renewal dates for your subscription(s):

  1. Log into the onCloud Control Panel with your credentials
  2. Click on the Account tab
  3. Click on Subscriptions towards the bottom left

Changes can be made by clicking this link.

Yours sincerely,

Customer Relations