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Upcoming pricing changes to your Shared Hosting subscriptions

Dear Shared Hosting Customers,

Please be advised that after August 31st,  2016 there will be a 25% price increase on our regular retail price that affects all new and existing Shared Hosting subscriptions with (this change does not apply to Exchange and SharePoint services). We will also be sending an email about this to your admin email address on the account.

Changes to existing plans will NOT take effect until the next renewal date. For example, if you had a service that is pre-paid for 1 year year until January 31st 2017, then the pricing changes would take affect starting February 1st 2017.

To check your renewal dates for your Classic subscription(s):

  1. Log into the Classic Control Panel with your credentials
  2. Click My Account
  3. Click Billing Terms

Modifications can be made to your account via this link.

OnCloud customers, to check your next renewal dates for your subscription(s):

  1. Log into the onCloud Control Panel with your credentials
  2. Click on the Account tab
  3. Click on Subscriptions towards the bottom left

Changes can be made by clicking this link.

Yours sincerely,

Customer Relations

Unexpected Occurrence – Shared and VPS Services

Dear Valued Customers with Shared Hosting or VPS Services,

Please be aware that we are currently experiencing an unexpected occurrence affecting some of our shared and VPS hosting services. Our Operation team already able to identify the issues and diligently working on fixing the problem.

We will update you as soon as we know more.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Yours Truly,

-Your Technical Support Team

[Completed] Attention onCloud Linux Shared Services

Hello Valued Customers,

Our Operations Team confirmed that the upgrade to our backend storage has been successful.   Performance is greatly improved and we will continue to work hard to ensure that your sites and services are readily available.

We truly appreciate your patience during this time and we look forward to providing you with service in the future.

All the best,

-Your Customer Relations Department

Yahoo domain email delay

Hello Valued Customers,

We have just been informed that some or our email from XSMTP to Yahoo’s domains are being delayed for up to a few hours.

This seems to be impacting those sending from Exchange, XMAIL and Classic accounts as the XSMTP system is used to relay mail.

As a result we are doing our best to investigate spammers and other individuals abusing our XSMTP system and they will be dealt with accordingly.  Please bear with us as we work through this.  We will provide an updated when the issue is resolved.


-Your Customer Support Team

Emergency Maintenance – Linweb12 onCloud Server

Dear Customers,

If you are currently experiencing your website being inaccessible and are within our onCloud platform, we are working to remove an attack to the shared IP address.

We believe this will be resolved shortly, your patience is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

– Your Customer Relations Department

Emergency Maintenance – linweb03 Server

Dear Shared Hosting Customers:

Please be aware that we are experiencing a brief interruption on the linweb03 shared hosting server. The problem is being identified and our Operation team is working to fix the issue. We are apologizing for all inconvenience it might cause you.

Thank you for your understanding, Customer Support Team