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Emergency Maintenance- Shared Hosting

Dear Shared Customers, We have identified an issue with the Shared Server(s) as web pages are not loading. Please rest assured that our Operation team is working to fix the issue. We are in the process of resolving the ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS6 issue and we apologize for this inconvenience. You will be kept informed of all updates. Thank you for your understanding, Your Technical Support Team

Emergency Maintenance – Control Panels

Dear customers;

We would like to inform you about Emergency Maintenance that is causing a slight interruption for all customers trying to use their Control Panels.

Our Operation team currently working on the issue and access will be limited to Control panels until their maintenance completed.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

If you have any questions about this maintenance, we’ll be happy to answer any of your concerns.

Thank you,

– Your Customer Support Team

[WordPress Vulnerability] For Versions Older Than 4.0.1

Dear Valued onCloud Customers,

If you are running WordPress on your site(s), please read this message carefully (the same message has also been emailed to those that are affected).

A vulnerability that affects versions of WordPress older than 4.0.1 has been discovered. As a result, WordPress has announced a critical security release with its most recent update, and it is strongly recommended that you update your sites to the latest version of WordPress 4.0.1 immediately. Please see for details.

Before proceeding with the update, please make sure that everything is backed up. Once this is done, you can refer to the applicable steps that explain the upgrade process in detail:

1)      If you have previously installed WordPress through your Control Panel:

-Visit and login with your credentials

-Click on the Website tab

-Select the WordPress website that will be updated

-Click on “Site Applications” section under the Website Tools

-If the update is available, it will be reflected as “Upgrade Available”

-Click on the application “WordPress”

-Click on “Upgrade”


2)      If you have WordPress through a custom installation and have versions newer than 2.7:

-Visit your WP-login admin page and login with your credentials

-If your WordPress version is indeed newer than 2.7, “Updates” will appear on your Dashboard

-Click on “Please update now”

-Choose what you want updated (It is recommended to update the plugins to ensure compatibility)


3)      If you have WordPress through a custom installation and have versions older than 2.7:

-Please refer to the Manual Update guide released by WordPress:

If you require further assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Team:


Yours sincerely,

-Your Customer Relations Team

Web Hosting Network Impacted

Dear all Web Hosting Customers,

Please be aware an issue was reported that is impacting the up time of our Web Hosting Network, you may be experiencing a brief interruption to your services.

We are working on an immediate mitigation plan to minimize the impact to your hosting services.

Your patience is much appreciated.

– Customer Relations Department




[Completed] Attention onCloud Linux Shared Services

Hello Valued Customers,

Our Operations Team confirmed that the upgrade to our backend storage has been successful.   Performance is greatly improved and we will continue to work hard to ensure that your sites and services are readily available.

We truly appreciate your patience during this time and we look forward to providing you with service in the future.

All the best,

-Your Customer Relations Department

Exchange Email Interruption

Dear onCloud Customers,

We are currently experiencing an issue to our Exchange email server, we are working diligently to get this back online to you.

Your patience is appreciated.

– Customer Relations Department